Processing and Distribution Hiring Event

New Team Members Welcome

Whitehill Mining is excited to announce a departmental hiring event in Processing and Distribution! We will be hiring up to one hundred positions, including but not limited to:

  • Automation Technician
  • Yard Worker
  • Distribution Laborer
  • Logistical Analyst
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Pipe Fitter
  • Heavy Machinery Operator
  • Computer Scientist
  • Electrician

These are some of the most exciting positions in the field of mining, and offer the opportunity to work alongside some of the most advanced automation technologies west of the Mississippi.

Our automated processing jobs afford our employees to help speed along the process of automatic extraction and transportation techniques to our processing plants out of the worlds most complex and deepest series of mines, reaching to an unparalleled 8.4 miles below the Earth’s surface!

Industrial Engineers will work alongside our Automation Technicians and Computer Scientists to be sure our conveyors and mining machinery are constantly running at full capacity, while laborers, pipe fitters, and yard workers represent the bread and butter of our operation. We at Whitehill Mining work tirelessly to ensure a safe and positive working environment for all levels of employees, and are looking forward to meeting our future team members!

The event will be held on May 11 from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm at Whitehill Mining Processing and Distribution.