Whitehill Union Vote Unsuccessful

A victory for our employees!

Whitehill Mining’s company culture scored a big win Tuesday after the vote by Whitehill Distribution employees to unionize failed to meet its majority.

This was in part thanks to the already sound and fair company culture of Whitehill Mining as well as the deep thinking, large hearted vice-president of Processing and Distribution who curbed the union organizers’ threat to our company early on by dismissing those who sought to dismantle what Whitehill Mining has spent over 100 years building.

The organizers heavily relied on the Good Friday incident, where on Friday March 30, 2018 three distribution employees lost their lives when an improperly maintained metallurgical ladle malfunctioned and poured a load of boiling trona substrate onto the aforementioned employees vaporizing them instantly, to feed their fires of discontent.

The organizers blamed Whitehill’s supposed negligence of maintenance, citing the testimony of a mechanic who supposedly informed Whitehill Mining as early as 2016 of the metallurgical ladle’s faulty control panel, but that his pleas were ignored because of an unwillingness to frivolously spend money. The judge and jury of course found in our favor because the side dump trailer indeed didn’t malfunction until two years after the mechanic sounded the alarm bells, and he had been fired two years prior to the incident for pushing Whitehill Mining to frivolously waste money in order to replace working components. Because of their unfounded complaints on Whitehill Mining’s “disregard” of the safety of our employees and that we only care about “the bottom line” and “maximizing profits at the expense of our employees,” we are happy that 51% of distribution employees decided to vote with their hearts regarding our company culture and can keep the conversation between upper management and our laborers open to direct debate without having a union mediate between.