Zero Days Without Accident

A Standard For Health & Safety

Whitehill Mining has always held itself as the standard of health and safety in the mining industry, though due to the negligence of our employees this cannot always be the case. As many are already aware, an accident at a trona processing and distribution facility in Green River left three employees dead last Friday.

The accident arose when the controls on a metallurgical ladle malfunctioned and the ladle poured a load of still-boiling trona substrate onto three employees, vaporizing them instantly. This has resulted in a net loss of $56,913.42 for the company. Worse still is the pay cut our distribution team members will need to take in order for Whitehill Mining to pay the legal fees of battling our late employee’s families in court, even though this accident was entirely their fault and not the fault of Whitehill Mining.

This accident has been a growing experience for the company, and while it does bring us great shame that we have lost money and prestige in our industry, at the very least we are now rid of the negligent employees who were in charge of operating the metallurgical ladle, and the coworkers replacing them will be less negligent after witnessing first hand the horrors of not exercising caution when in charge of a metallurgical ladle filled with trona substrate. Finally, while it does bring us great sorrow we lost three employees as a result of this accident, we now know their coworkers will not mill about near any receptacle filled with boiling trona water.

Whitehill Mining has prided itself in working hard for the safety, security and happiness of our employees; and want them to be able to sleep soundly at night knowing that they’re working in a place where safety is their priority and up to them; and when this notoriety is challenged we take it personally.

With this in mind let’s hope that Whitehill Mining can rise above the sorrow, grief, and frivolous lawsuits this incident has caused and move forward with the Whitehill mantra of grit, fortitude and restless determination.